Interactive Smart Wearable System with Artificial Intelligence for Personalized Gait Rehabilitation


The GaitREHub project wants to provide an innovative solution – an Interactive Smart Wearable System with Artificial Intelligence for Personalized Gait Rehabilitation, by developing an interactive tool for rehabilitation at home with real-time tele-monitoring from the clinic. This system will enable gait training for neurologically injured patients and any other patient in need of gait rehabilitation, in their own homes. The project will allow patients to practice walking, have their performance and improvement monitored in real-time by professionals, and reduce the costs associated with traditional clinical treatment. The collected gait training data will be analysed and shared through a feedback tool for the patients and their rehabilitation team, allowing for monitoring and further training prescription without the need to physically attend a clinic. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the fragility of many health systems in the EU and globally, and the dire need for their digital transformation, including remote connections between healthcare workers and remote patient-monitoring technologies.

Contributing to the UN’s SDG 3


This project will contribute significantly to supporting this increasingly important transformation, ultimately contributing to the UN’s SDG 3 (Good health and Well-being). Given the widespread adoption of and adaptation to online forms of working due to the Covid-19 pandemic, providing online support for gait training represents a natural next step in providing rehabilitation for mobility impaired patients. This matters especially to vulnerable patients for whom direct contact or hospital visits might represent a real Covid risk.

The basic information about the project


Full title

Intelligent Wearable System for Enhanced Personalized Gait Rehabilitation



Grant No


Type of action

HORIZON-MSCA-2021-SE-01, MSCA Staff Exchanges 2021

Starting date


Project duration

48 months

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