The GaitREHub consortium


The GaitREHub consortium is composed of 4 institutions from the academic sector: (1) University of Novi Sad, Serbia; (2) KU Leuven, Belgium; (3) Prince of Songkla University, Thailand; (4) Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile and 3 organizations from the industrial sector: (5) Bioassist, Greece; (6) CoAIMed, Italy; and (7) Euleria Health, Italy.

University of Novi Sad

University of Novi Sad is the second largest university in Serbia with around 5000 employees and 50000 students. Comprehensive, entrepreneurial oriented university with 14 faculties and with 390 accredited study programmes (according to the Bologna declaration). UNS has signed bilateral agreements with more than 130 leading institutions worldwide. UNS is the most active organization in Serbia in H2020 and FP7 projects. Awarded with a prestigious acknowledgement – the Logo of Excellence in the field of improving the work conditions of researchers. UNS is new headquarter of the Secretariat of the Consortium of Higher Education Institutions in the framework of the cooperation of the Republic of China and 16 countries of Central and East Europe.

KU Leuven

KU Leuven has been ranked as the most innovative university in Europe for the past four years. KU Leuven ranks among the best 50 universities worldwide! The goal of the Human Movement Biomechanics research group (HMBRG), involved in the GaitREHub project, is to prevent and remediate movement dysfunction, musculoskeletal injuries and deformities. The HMBRG has a reputation for high quality PS modelling along with a strong interdisciplinary approach to all research projects.


BioAssist S.A. is an SME that provides innovative commercial services in the fields of mHealth, assistive technologies and homecare. Focusing on developing innovative solutions to ensure the senior population’s life quality, extending and assisting their independent living, BioAssist delivers superior monitoring and communication services through timely response and accurate recording of vital signs and other critical information, serving the constantly changing needs of the health-centric communication services. Via its services, BioAssist enhances compliance of the elderly population to their self-care commitments, providing peace-of-mind to them and their families, while remaining minor intrusive and offering an excellent user experience.


CoAImed – Collaborative development of AI-based technologies for Medical applications – is a company that operates in the field of Artificial Intelligence, sensors, and BioRobotics. It aims at the development, production, and marketing of innovative technological products and services. The CoAImed Core Team has a pluriannual experience in innovative ICTs and AI-based solutions for clinical applications. It collects together experts in bioengineering, biorobotics, data analysis, electronics, clinical neuropsychology, healthcare paradigms, and innovation management. Recently, it ranked first at the IoT Week 2022 Innovation World Cup Startup Competition.


Euleria is an ISO13485 certified company that designs, manufactures and distributes CE class 1/m certified medical products for physical rehabilitation and injury prevention Euleria imagines and creates innovative technological tools in the field of rehabilitation technologies to support and guide therapists and clinicians to improve rehabilitation outcomes and guide patients to improve their quality of life. Euleria promotes patient-centered and customizable exercise therapy in an innovative and holistic way with the aim of revolutionizing the way of doing rehabilitation. Euleria offers solutions for, in the clinic and at home rehabilitation.

Prince of Songkla University

Prince of Songkla University (PSU), a public university established in 1967 as the first university in southern Thailand and ranked #5 Best University in Thailand, consists of five campuses offering various programs of education in their 39 faculties, colleges and institutes, four hospitals, and more than 40 excellence and research centers.

Universidad Austral de Chile

Universidad Austral de Chile, a traditional university established in 1954 as the first university in Valdivia with the purpose of promoting the development of the south-southern Chile, through the cultivation of science and the arts, been this its central mission. It is organized in 7 campuses, 10 faculties and 126 laboratories, serving 70 undergraduate, 37 master and 12 doctorate programs.